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Photos are some of the few things in life that get

more valuable as time goes on.

Photos become heirlooms.
When this season is over, when those children are grown, when that loved one is gone, 

the photos become the treasures that linger.Through photos, you can breathe in the

memories of those seasons and allow it to transport you back to that moment in time;
feel that little hand in yours, and look into those bright eyes of the one you love...
As a mom of four girls, I appreciate and value the importance of capturing the
moments that, far too quickly, turn into memories.
As your photographer, I will do my utmost to deliver to you those sun soaked,
love filled heirlooms that you will treasure.

Beautiful, happy couple during a photo session.
Happy family in the mountains.
Mother in red dress with cute, happy little girl.

So what is lifestyle photography? 

What is your photo style? 

What can I expect in a session?

All good questions, and I'm so glad you asked! 

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that is more 'go with the flow'.

Although I always have a general plan in my head,

and usually a plan B (or even C,) it is unscripted.

We embrace our circumstances and surroundings

and then work with what we've got!

Life is messy, people are messy, kids cry - tags in shirts can be a real challenge guys -

but we keep moving forward and my camera keeps snapping the whole time. 

My photo style is clean, classic and authentic.

I don't jump on too many trends, as my hope is that your photos feel timeless. My goal as a photographer is to capture moments that may seem ordinary, but that will show you just how extraordinary and beautiful your is. 

You can expect to be guided and directed

during our session. I won't leave you out there not knowing what to do with your hands...

I've got you!

I want to connect with you, hear your story and allow space to just be relaxed and have fun!

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